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About Ghoster-X Project

Our Graduation Project is “Ghoster-X” Secret text Steganography Desktop Application by using python language to hide a secret message inside an innocent- looking cover medium, stealthily, without creating any attention. The approach introduced in this project makes use of both steganographic as well as cryptographic techniques. The process involves converting a secret Message into a text document, then encrypting the generated text into ciphertext using a key (password) based encryption algorithm, and finally embedding the ciphertext onto a cover image. This embedding process is carried out using a threshold-based scheme that inserts secret message bits into the cover image only in selected pixels. The security to maintain the secrecy of the message is achieved by making it infeasible for a third person to detect and retrieve the hidden message.

Who We Are

We are a Cybersecurity Team To give daily solutions we are the warriors for the new security world. Our slogan “Hunt Or Be Hunted”.

Our Supervisor

Dr Ahmed Ahmer Shahin, (Assistant Professor).
Computer and Systems Engineering, Department, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Egypt.


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A Note of Thanks

The doctor supervising our project was the one who encouraged and supported us with new ideas, features and suggested many solutions to the problems facing us.
Thank you so much for your hard work and support during this time. Your humility, kindness and strength for us are greatly appreciated.
Thank you for giving us a part of your time, thanks to his motivation, encouragement, instructions, and guidance. we have been able to access the project for what it is now.
And this thanks is not enough for your right.

We also thanks “Eng. Zeinab Abo Hashima”, “Eng. Reham Darwish” to give us solutions for Problems and connected with us permanently.

Dr. Ahmed Amer

Meet Our Team

Amr Naom

Malware Analyst

Mostafa Tamam

Penetration Tester

Abdelrahman Nasr

Penetration Tester

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