Ghoster-X Project

“Remember the time in primary school, when you returned your crush’s notebook with a confession written at the back in invisible ink? That was Steganography. Now you know!”


Our Graduation Project is “Ghoster-X” Secret text Steganography Desktop Application.

by using python language to hide a secret message inside an innocent- looking cover medium, stealthily, without creating any attention.

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We all have sensitive information and personal information, but when this information falls into the hands of the wrong person, it is not desirable, as this person can manipulate that information or personal messages or spy on them and learn things that he is not entitled to know, and here the problem lies and the role of Steganography and encryption comes in Solve this problem, and we will deal with it in the coming chapters.

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Write Your Message, Choose Your Cover, Choose The Lenght of Key
(1024-bit, 2048-bit, 4096-bit)
and Click Let's Go.

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Clean, valid and documented code & support

This not just a graduation project.
this a free product we plan to support it at the long term.

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